Customer Relationship Management

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to manage every aspect of your organizations interaction with your customers.  You can manage events, memberships, contact, communication, cases, grants, and contributions.  It's perfect for non-profits and other social organizations.  The CRM system comes integrated with a website content management system providing you with the ability to add or modify information on your website without the need for technical support.

Event Management allows you to communicate your events on your website.  Website visitors may register for upcoming events, see pictures and videos from previous events, share your events through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. 

Member Management allows you to keep track of your members.  Members may register and pay for membership online.  Once payment is received they are granted automatic membership with access to member only information and benefits. 

Contact Management allows you to keep track of your interactions with your contacts.  You may use newsletter subscriptions and other integrated email marketing tools to help convert your contacts into members or customers. 

Case management allows you to keep track of correspondences, meetings, and interviews with individuals.  It allows for the consolidation of notes between case workers, providing case workers the ability to work openly and effectively.  Having all notes in a central repository will help reduce the costs associated with managing a portfolio of cases.  The following industries may benefit from a case management system: social work, education, employment, health care, insurance, and law.

The CRM allows you to keep track of grants and other financial contributions.  Website visitors may contribute online or pledge to contribute at a later time.

Custom website design services, and project management services are included with all CMS installations. Schedule a demo today to see how we may help your organization save time and money with a Customer Relationship Management System.

Case Management, Event Management, Member Management
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