Elegant Decorations and Rental Logo

This logo was designed for Elegant Decorations and Rental.

Hoops Basketball and Training Logo

This logo was designed for the Hoops Basketball and Training Center.

Authentic Glory Logo

This logo was designed for Authentic Glory.

Johanni's Luxury Hair Extensions Logo

This logo was designed for Johanni's Luxury Hair Extensions.

Aspire Learning Systems Logo

This logo was created for Aspire Learning Systems.

Johannis Luxury Hair Extensions Website

This website was created for Johanni's Beauty Salon located in Brooklyn, N.Y. This website provides the ability to sell hair extensions and other beauty products online. It also allows customers to book an appointment for hair services online. It is a feature rich online store. Customers may login to mange their orders, process refunds, and claim reward points. Store owners may login to process orders, communicate with customers and market to customers using loyalty programs and other marketing tools. The logo was also designed by Accuro Technology Group's graphic design services.

Logo Design

Logos are a great way to establish brand recognition. A logo allows prospective customers to recognize your products and services. Building brand recognition can mean increased future sales, as customers begin to associate your brand image, name, and colors with your customer service, quality, and prices. Your brand is more than just a nice looking image; it is synonymous with your business name. Let our experts create a great looking logo just for you and your organization.

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